Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne


The University of Melbourne has approximately 180 exchange partners in 39 countries around the world. Most students of the University of Melbourne are eligible to apply for an exchange place and the program is recommended to all students as a beneficial addition to any degree. An exchange is:

  • spending either one semester, a year (two semesters) or sometimes for shorter periods
  • attending one of our international partner institutions
  • for full credit towards your University of Melbourne degree
  • paying your tuition fees to this university only
  • in return, the University of Melbourne receives a student in your place.

Mythbusters - Was Exchange Worthwhile?

The following pages highlight the various components of the Melbourne Global Mobility Exchange Program and many helpful hints and suggestions are provided. Please read through all pages carefully.

Finding out about Exchange

Where do I go to learn more? What is my first step?

Note: It is compulsory to attend a myWorld First Step session before submitting an application for exchange.

Eligibility and selection criteria Am I eligible to join the exchange program?

Where can I go? Anywhere from Tokyo to Dublin, Vancouver to Cuernavaca, and to many places in between. The choices are considerable, here is a list of our partner institutions.

Finances What will exchange cost?
Scholarships and Funding Is there financial assistance available?
Find out about the Melbourne Global Mobility Travel Grants and other funding opportunities.
Application process
When do I apply? When are the due dates for my application?
Am I accepted? Am I accepted and what should I do now?
Important! Exchange students must re-enrol and course plan too!
Preparing To Go
Pre-departure information Things you need to know before you go
Health & Safety
Re-enrolment information
for outbound students
Student profiles,
exchange experiences
and exchange blog


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