Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Faculty of Arts

For Faculty of Arts related exchange and study abroad course advice contact:

Stop 1
757 Swanston Street
The University of Melbourne
Victoria, 3010

T: +61 13MELB (13 6352)
E: To lodge a written query go to and follow these steps:

    1. under "Current Students" select "Submit an enquiry";
    2. label your enquiry clearly and include your student ID under "Enquiry Title"; and
    3. under "Topic" select "Course Planning" and then click the box again to select "Exchange/Study Abroad - outgoing".


For subject approvals see the relevant discipline advisor below

Department Name Telephone Email
Asia Institute
Arabic Dr Christina Mayer 9035-4223 cmayer [at]
Asian Studies Dr Yasuhisa Watanabe 9035-5552 asianstudies-exchange [at]
Chinese Dr Shaoming Zhou 8344-5393 shaoming [at]
Indonesian Dr Edwin Jurriens 9035-7594 edwin.jurriens [at]
Islamic Studies Prof Abdullah Saeed 8344-6861 a.saeed [at]
Japanese Dr Jun Ohashi 8344-4263 juno [at]
School of Culture and Communication
Art History (UG) Dr Anthony White 8344-3408
a. white [at]
Art History (PG) Dr Christiaan De Beukelaer 9035-7309 christiaan.debeukelaer [at]
Australian Indigenous Studies Ms Genevieve Grieves 8344-3421 ggrieves [at]
Creative Writing Dr Maria Tumarkin 8344-9727 m.tumarkin [at]
English and Theatre Studies (note, before submitting your study plan contact Prof Gelder - only subjects taught and assessed in English will be considered) Prof Ken Gelder 8344-5485 kdgelder [at]
Gender Studies Assoc Prof Tamara Kohn 8344-6676 tkohn [at]
Master of Arts and Cultural Management Dr Beth Driscoll 9035-3029 driscoll [at]
Master of Journalism Dr Denis Muller 8344-9439 dmuller [at]
Media and Communication (UG) Dr Björn Nansen 8344-9122 nansenb [at]
Master of Global Media Communications Dr Robert Hassan 8344-3539 hassanr [at]
Master of Marketing Communications (note, before submitting your study plan contact Dr Beckett) Dr Jennifer Beckett 8344-5293 jennifer.beckett [at]
Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing Dr Amanda Johnson 8344-7274 amandaj [at]
Master of Publishing and Communications Assoc Prof Mark Davis 8344-3349 davismr [at]
Screen and Cultural Studies Dr Wendy Haslem 8344-3409 wlhaslem [at]
School of Historical and Philosophical Studies
Ancient World Studies & Archaeology Dr Andrew Jamieson 8344-3403 asj [at]
Australian Studies Dr Sean Scalmer 8344-5957 sscalmer [at]
Classics Dr K.O. Chong-Gossard 8344-4078 koc [at]
Hebrew and Jewish Studies Dr Dvir Abramovich 8344-3789 dvir [at]
History Prof David Goodman 8344-7859 d.goodman [at]
History and Philosophy of Science Dr James Bradley 8344-3851

jbradley [at]

Philosophy Prof Greg Restall 8344-0282 restall [at]
School of Languages and Linguistics
European Studies Dr Andrew McGregor 8344-8119 ajmcg [at]
French Advisor List (104 KB pdf)
German (note, before submitting your study plan contact Dr Kretzenbacher) Dr Leo Kretzenbacher 8344-5209 heinz [at]
Latin American Studies Dr Claudia Sandberg 8344-8567 claudia.sandberg [at]
Italian Dr Matthew Absalom 8344-6986 mabsalom [at]
Linguistics & Applied Linguistics Dr Brett Baker 9035-4687
bjbaker [at]
Russian Dr Robert Lagerberg 8344-5187 robertjl [at]
Spanish Dr Claudia Sandberg 8344-8567 claudia.sandberg [at]
School of Social and Political Sciences
Anthropology Prof Andy Dawson 8344-4201 dawsona [at]
Criminology Dr Diana Johns 8344-5394 diana.johns [at]
Criminology, Masters of Prof Alison Young 8344-6569 ayoung [at]
Development Studies (UG) Prof Anthony D'Costa 9035-6161 adcosta [at]
Development Studies (PG) Prof Anthony D'Costa 9035-6161 adcosta [at]
International Relations, Masters of Dr Sara Meger
sara.meger [at]
International Studies Dr Pradeep Taneja 8344-6585 ptaneja [at]
Political Science (including International Politics) & Public Policy Dr Pradeep Taneja 8344-6585 ptaneja [at]
Public Administration, Masters of Prof Janine O'Flynn 9035-9526 janine.oflynn [at]
Public Policy and Management, Masters of Dr Erik Baekkeskov 8344-4134 erik.baekkeskov [at]
Social Policy, Masters of Prof Shelley Mallett 8344-1903 s.mallett [at]
Social Theory Dr Max Holleran 8344-9771 max.holleran [at]
Socio-Legal Studies Dr Diana Johns 8344-5394 diana.johns [at]
Sociology Dr Max Holleran 8344-9771 max.holleran [at]
Inter-Faculty Disciplines
School of Geography, Science
Geography Dr Brian Cook 9035-8370 brian.cook [at]
Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, MDHS
Psychological Sciences See the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
Social Work, Melbourne School of Health Sciences, MDHS
Master of Social Work Judy Wookey 9035-3681 jwookey [at]
Master of Advanced Social Work A/Prof Lynette Joubert 8344-9417 ljoubert [at]


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