Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Melbourne School of Engineering

For Melbourne School of Engineering related exchange and study abroad course advice contact:

Stop 1
757 Swanston Street
The University of Melbourne
Victoria, 3010

T: +61 13MELB (13 6352)
E: To lodge a written query go to and follow these steps:

    1. under "Current Students" select "Submit an enquiry";
    2. label your enquiry clearly and include your student ID under "Enquiry Title"; and
    3. under "Topic" select "Course Planning" and then click the box again to select "Exchange/Study Abroad - outgoing".


For subject approvals see the relevant discipline advisor below

Undergraduate students should refer to the advisors for the systems subjects on the Science list.

Discpline Name Telephone Email
Biomedical Engineering Dr. Leigh Johnston 8344-1940 l.johnston [at]
Biomolecular Engineering
Dr. Gabriel Da Silva 8344-6627 gdasilva [at]
Chemical Engineering Dr. Liyuan Fan 8344-5881 [at]
Civil and Structural Engineering A/Prof. Guillermo Narsilio 8344-4659 narsilio [at]
Electrical Engineering A/Prof. Brian Krongold 8344-3812 bsk [at]
Environmental Engineering Prof. Q.J. Wang 8344-9781 [at]
Geomatics Cliff Ogleby 8344-6754 clogleby [at]
Information Systems Dr Van-Hau Trieu 8344-6336 van-hau.trieu [at]
Information Technology Dr Jorge Goncalves 8344-1338 jorge.goncalves [at]
Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Dr Yi Yang 8344-8104 yi.yang [at]
Software Engineering Dr Jorge Goncalves 8344-1338 jorge.goncalves [at]