Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Application Process

The application process requires you to submit the following by the due date.

After submission to find out what happens next please go to the selection and nomination webpage.

To submit a successful application will need the following:

For more information on these categories see the relevant section below.


 Stop! Before submitting your application, remember to...


Important tips!

If you intend to incorporate travel, do this after your exchange rather than before it. You may need a student visa to enter your host country and it is often not possible to apply for a visa if already overseas.

Base your choice of institution on academic opinion, not just general reputation! Speak with academics here at Melbourne about the exchange and ask their opinion on appropriate destinations. Often institutions will excel in particular disciplines and discovering which destination is most appropriate for you will take some research.


Application form

The new online application form includes basic details about you from the student system when you log in and create a profile. When the application form becomes available you will see an "Apply now" button appear on the relevant partner institution brochure page that you can use to lodge an application.

Work your way through the application. You can save questions and come back to them later if need be. When you have finished each question press the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. This only submits that question. When it has been successfully completed, the question item will have a tick next to it on the application screen.

The application form includes the following items:

  • a question about when you attended a myWorld First Step Session;
  • a section for you to list a second and third preference destination if your first preference is not possible for some reason;
  • questions about the languages you speak and how well;
  • questions about any disabilities or chronic illnesses you may have;
  • a section for an exchange essay (see below for more information);
  • questions about your study plan (see below for more information);
  • questions about your financial plan (see below for more information);
  • a request for you to load the details page of passports for all the citizenships you hold (see below for more information);
  • a question about giving us permission to pass on your name and email address to other students interested in the exchange program; and
  • lastly a section in which you confirm that the information you have entered is true and correct.

Before proceeding with the application, think about these points. Some will require more effort than others in preparing for your responses. Here are further explanations for some of the more detailed items to help you understand what is required.

Financial plan

This is designed to make you consider from where you are getting the funds for your exchange and on what you will have to spend money, and how much you might have to spend, while you are on exchange. We will not require you to justify the amounts you list but we will look at them and discuss with you what you have listed if we think you are being unrealistic. Note that in some cases partner institutions or foreign governments will ask you, or someone else, usually your parents, to prove that you or they have sufficient funds to support you while you are on exchange.

Study plan

The study plan must list all subjects you would like to take while overseas, together with alternative subjects should your first subject choices are unavailable. Read over the choosing your subjects webpage very carefully.

The new online application asks you to describe how you would ideally like your exchange enrolment to appear while you are on exchange. For example if you are doing a Bachelor of Science with breadth in Commerce and a Diploma of Languages in French you might say: Science 25 points (two subjects), breadth in Business 12.5 points (one subject) and French 12.5 points (one subject). This is not binding as these things can and usually do change but it helps if we understand what you would ideally like to do. You will be asked to confirm what you want your enrolment to be before you leave for your exchange and then if there are changes when you arrive at the host institution, you will need to notify Stop 1 of those changes at that time.

Exchange essay

Outline your reasons for applying to the Melbourne Global Mobility Exchange Program. Things you should include are "why you want to go on exchange," "what you hope to get from the experience," and "why you want to go to the destination you have chosen."

In some cases partner institutions ask for this type of effort as well so this can be seen as a first draft that you review with fresh insight later when you come to complete the host institution application.

Passport details page

Upload a copy of the details page of your passport. If you do not have a current passport you should apply for one immediately through Australia Post. Where you do have a passport already, it should have at least six months validity after the end of your exchange, if not, you will need to renew the passport and you should begin that process as soon as possible. In both cases you should note that you are doing so in your application. When the new passport arrives you will need to provide a copy of the details page to Melbourne Global Mobility.

If you have more than one citizenship, please provides copies of the details pages of all of the passports for those citizenships. If you don't have a passport for them and don't intend to get one, simply note that in the application. Where you have more than one passport, please indicate on which passport you will be travelling for your exchange.

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