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Mythbusters - Was Exchange Expensive?

What do I pay for ...?

Students who are accepted into the Melbourne Global Mobility Exchange Program do not have to pay any tuition fees at their host institution, they simply continue to pay tuition fees and the amenities and services fee to the University of Melbourne as usual. Students will, however, be responsible for meeting all other costs associated with their exchange. These costs include:

  • health and travel insurance;
  • accommodation;
  • living costs;
  • airfare;
  • visa costs;
  • transport costs;
  • books; and
  • spending money

There are scholarships available to assist in meeting these costs, both through the University of Melbourne and from other bodies. For more information see the Exchange funding webpage.

Recommended funds

To meet the above costs, Melbourne Global Mobility recommends that exchange students have the following amounts:

  • for six months on exchange: $13,000
  • for twelve months on exchange: $19,000

These figures are approximations only and costs vary depending on your host country and, sometimes, on your host city. Visit partner institution websites for guides to the cost of living at your chosen destination (the currency converter is a useful resource to work out costs in Australian dollars).

Other good sources of information include helpful links and addresses, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website and former exchange students to the same destination.

Many host institutions and host countries will require proof of funds, usually in the form of a bank statement in your name or your sponsor's name, before visa documents can be issued.

Working overseas

Whether or not you are allowed to work while studying overseas on exchange will be dictated by your student visa. Most student visas have restrictions on the amount and, in some cases, location of any work that students may do while on exchange. See links to local diplomatic missions on the helpful links and addresses webpage.

If you are a citizen of your host country you will not need to obtain a student visa for entry and the work restrictions will not apply. In addition, while some countries do not require Australian citizens to obtain a visa for certain periods of study in their country, you may not be allowed to work without one.

Youth allowance and Austudy

As an exchange student you can continue to receive Youth Allowance or Austudy while you continue to meet Centrelink eligibility requirements. Students who have not previously been eligible for Youth Allowance/Austudy but think they may be while on exchange should apply in person before they leave Australia. See the Centrelink website.