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Medina Hajdarevic

Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Programme (UCWIP)

January - March 2012

Bachelor of Arts

What advice would you give to other UniMelb students considering studying abroad?

Pack light, travel extensively and enjoy the amazing opportunity that is studying abroad. Don't forget to take out travel/medical insurance because health care can be quite expensive in the USA. The UCWIP internship program is a rare insight into the workings of Captiol Hill. Take initiative in your offices and dont forget to explore as much of D.C. as you can. 

Did you receive any financial assistance from the University to undertake your exchange?  How did this help you?

 For UCWIP- CCRAG Grant- helped in funding some of the program cost.

What did you most enjoy about the academic experience of interning?

Interning allowed me to apply what I studied to a real setting. It allowed me to confirm that public policy was the career I wanted to undertake. How many politics students get to say they worked on Capitol Hill? Being able to walk around the hallways of Congress, interact with staff and challenge myself has had a profound impact on my learning experience and expanded my skill set immeasurably.

What was your favourite thing to do outside of study while on the program?

Exploring D.C. and going out with the other 12 UCWIP interns and the American friends we made. Beyond that, the shopping in the USA is amazing!

Did you undertake any other travel outside your program?  Where did you go and what was it like?

 I covered New York, Phillidelphia, L.A. and Las Vegas. It was extremely enjoyable but extremely cold! Spending New Years Eve in the Centre of Times Square, walking on the United Nations Assembly Floor and taking a hellicopter over the Grand Canyon were unforgettable experiences.

What surprised you most, or did you find most unusual, about your experience?

I was surprised at how quickly I fell in love with Washington D.C. Every day presented a new adventure and every moment walking down the halls of the Senate building left me in awe because I wasn't studying about politics from a textbook, but rather seeing it first hand. Having been on exchange previously I didn't expect the experience to have that profound a cultural impact on me, but it did! Americans are extremely hospitable and friendly people. 


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