Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Selection & Nomination

Selecting students for Exchange

Faculty Approval
Faculty approval is based on the exchange eligibility requirements with emphasis given to your academic record and, in the opinion of your referees, your ability to be a good ambassador for the University of Melbourne.

Redirecting Your Preferences
Faculties have the authority to redirect you to institutions other than your first, second or third preferences based on the opinion that what you have listed is not a suitable academic destination.

Conditional Approval?
Faculties make their decisions and then send all application study plans to Melbourne Global Mobility. This takes around two weeks. You will usually be advised in writing by your faculty(s) whether your application has been successful. In some cases conditions may be imposed, please pay attention to those conditions as failure to meet them may result in your exchange being cancelled.

myWorld First Step Session
It is compulsory that all students applying to go on exchange have attended a myWorld First Step Session and Melbourne Global Mobility will check students' attendance against their records after the application study plans have been received from faculties. Applicants who have not attended this compulsory session will not be eligible to undertake an exchange in this application round and will be advised that their application has been unsuccessful.

Nominating You
In selecting you for nomination for a particular partner institution, the second step of the process, in addition to academic results, Melbourne Global Mobility may also give consideration to choice of subjects, institution, language, where appropriate, and time left to complete your degree.


Nomination process

There are four steps in this process and it may take up to three months after receiving all applications from the faculties before you are asked to complete the host institution application. It will take even longer before you are likely to receive any acceptance material from the partner. Keep Melbourne Global Mobility staff informed of your current contact details. Also advise us if your circumstances change.

  1. In the following weeks Melbourne Global Mobility checks all applications and enters them onto the exchange database. You will be advised in writing whether your application has been successful (that is, whether your application has been approved by your Faculty; this does not mean that you have been accepted by the host institution).
  2. Partner institutions are asked how many places they have available for Melbourne students in the coming round according to the dates by which they ask for their applications to be submitted. Melbourne Global Mobility will aim to nominate you to your first preference institution, but sometimes there are too many applicants for a limited number of places, or a particular institution is not able to offer us places at all. If this is the case you will be notified and nominated for your second preference. If that also is not available, you will be notified and nominated for your third preference. In the rare event that your third preference is also not available, you will be contacted to discuss further options.
  3. Once assigned a host institution, you will receive an email informing you of what is required by that institution for its application process. The completed application must be returned to Melbourne Global Mobility by a specified date with all supporting documentation.
  4. Your host institution application will be sent overseas for consideration by the partner institution. The final, formal approval of all exchange places is made by the host institutions. Confirmation of acceptance usually arrives within the next 4 to 12 weeks of sending the host application forms to the partner so please have patience.

To check your current status go to the Am I accepted? page.

Note: if you have been given approval to go on exchange but are yet to be accepted by the host institution, at course planning time in October, you should plan your course for the following year as if you were not going and choose subjects accordingly. You can change this later once you are accepted.


Student agreement

All exchange students are required to sign a student agreement which lists the terms and conditions of the Melbourne Global Mobility Exchange Program and clearly explains the obligations of students as ambassadors of the University of Melbourne. This agreement must be signed before departure.


Am I accepted?

To find out what to do when you are accepted go to the Am I accepted? page.