Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Health, Safety & Security Abroad

Melbourne Global Mobility staff take every reasonable step to ensure students:

  • receive comprehensive information on their destination
  • receive contact/liaison person details at their host institution before departure
  • receive help with accommodation at the host institution
  • receive information on medical requirements, including health insurance
  • are aware of the need to have travel insurance

It is a requirement that all students register their intended global mobility experience with the University. All students accepted into the University's student exchange program will be automatically registered. For all other students (Study Abroad, Placements, Univeristy of Melbourne Overseas Subjects, etc) must complete an online application and registration form.


Mythbusters - Did you feel safe?


Pre-departure session and literature

All exchange students are required to complete a compulsory Melbourne Global Mobility pre-departure session online. The Pre-depature Session is an opportunity for students to receive information necessary to prepare for their time abroad. For exchange students there will be an opportunity to meet fellow exchange students who may be bound for the same destination and to collect emergency contact cards and material about Australia to use abroad, during an optional country pre-departure session at the end of each semester.

All students will receive a pre-departure booklet containing information for travel and studying overseas.


Health and travel insurance

Health and travel insurance are essential components of an international study experience. It is imperative that you obtain health and travel insurance for the duration of your participation in the Melbourne Global Mobility Study Abroad & Exchange Program.

The University of Melbourne has a free insurance policy available to Study Abroad and Exchange students. For more information see the insurance webpage.


Health and safety tips

We recognise that all travellers may face some level of risk in unfamiliar environments or cultures and we have prepared some tips to encourage you to be more aware while travelling. For more information see the health matters webpage.


Anxiety or Depression?

If you have suffered or are suffering from anxiety and/or depression then we have prepared some information to assist you with preparing yourself to study overseas. Ses the Students Suffering or Who Have Suffered from Anxiety or Depression for more information.


Legal issues

Laws vary between countries, and behaviour which is legal in Australia may be a punishable offence elsewhere. Ignorance of local laws is no excuse, and problems may result if you fail to observe, for example, the legal drinking age in the United States (21 years old!), or basic road rules (in most countries, people drive on the right-hand side!). As an exchange student you are responsible for ensuring you know and observe the law in your host country. The helpful links and addresses page is a good place to start your research.