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Pre-departure information


Online Pre-departure - Safety Abroad Video & Quiz

All students are required to complete a compulsory Melbourne Global Mobility pre-departure session online. Students who do not watch this video and complete the quiz successfully will not be considered for any Melbourne Global scholarships or funding, and will be at risk of having their overseas experience cancelled by the University.


Pre-departure guide

Pre-departure guide

Available to all students is a pre-departure guide which contains valuable information in preparing for your overseas experience, and has useful contact information and tips for when you are abroad.
Exchange students will receive a copy of this guide with their host institution acceptance, and other students are welcome to pick up a copy from the Melbourne Global Mobility office.

The guide is also available to download (1.55MB pdf)


Preparing for culture shock

Culture shock is a very real experience and it is important to be prepared. It is not limited to exchanges in countries with obviously different customs and languages. Often students travelling to countries that, from a distance, seem quite similar to Australia are the ones who are least prepared for the shock of the new. To read more about it and for useful strategies to prepare and cope with culture shock view the culture shock webpage.