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Obtaining a Waiver - Advice to Students Attending Institutions in the USA

Institutions in the United States of America often require their incoming Study Abroad/Exchange students to obtain a Health Insurance plan for the duration of their stay at the host institution. Typically, students are invoiced for this plan directly by the host insitution and these can cost anywhere from US$450-US$800.

Sometimes, it is possible to obtain a waiver on the basis of already being insured with another insurance, such as the travel insurance provided by the University of Melbourne. Melbourne Global Mobility cannot guarantee that a particular host institution can accept our insurance, but encourage students to attempt to obtain one.

Below are some common criteria for waivers, as well as responses you can use in your attempt to have the requirement waived:

Question: Will the alternative coverage cover the student for the duration of their time at the institution?

Response: The University of Melbourne ACE Travel Insurance product, if applied for by the student, will cover the student from seven days before oreintation at the host institution until seven days after the last day of exams. Note: the policy will not cover semester breaks over two weeks.


Question: Does the plan offers an annual minimum of $x per accident or illness?

Response: The ACE Insurance will cover "unlimited medical expenses".


Quesiton: Does the Plan will cover inpatient and outpatient care within distance of campus x?

Response: The ACE insurance will cover medical care worldwide (outside Australia).


Question: Does the Plan covers pre existing conditions?

Response: The Plan will cover a medical emergencey arising from a pre existing condition. It will not cover costs for medication or consultation relating to a pre existing condition.


Question: Is the Plan is provided by a company liscenced to do business in the USA anddoes the company have a US contact number that can verify coverage?

Answer: ACE is a company liscenced to do business on a worldwide basis and has physical locations in 53 countries (including the USA). The requierment to have a phone number is irrelevant as ACE processes the claims electronically directly between the student and the service provider

Melbourne Global Mobility wishes you success in obtaining a waiver, but cannot and will not provide support in doing so. It is your host institution's decision to accept or deny your waiver application.


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