Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions: Accommodation


How do I organise accommodation?

All partner institutions are obliged to assist Melbourne Uni students find accommodation. Some institutions include accommodation forms with their application. Others wait until you have been officially accepted and then send accommodation forms with your acceptance package. It is advisable to research accommodation options before receiving forms from your host institution, so you are familiar with your options and costs. Consult with Melbourne students currently at your exchange institution, returned exchange students or students at Melbourne from the institution you hope to attend. They are your best source of practical information about accommodation, and many other exchange matters.


Do I have to live with a family?

No. Unlike secondary school exchanges, where you live is your decision. Most students like to stay on or close to campus. If you want to live with a family, you will need to arrange this yourself, by contacting home stay organisations.


Does someone come and live with my family?

No. University exchange programs do not involve host family arrangements. Exchange students who come to Melbourne can apply for various accommodation options through the University directly. Information on housing can be viewed on the International Student Services website.


Can I stay off campus and rent a place myself?

Yes, but you will need to make the arrangements yourself. You should also inform your host institution of your accommodation arrangements so they know not to reserve accommodation for you.

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