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Frequently Asked Questions: Application process


When is my application due?

Due dates are listed on our website and in the application brochure which is available online or from the Melbourne Global Mobility office and from Faculty advisers.

Who do I submit my application to?

Submit your completed application online and submit your study plan to your Faculty adviser by the due date.
Tip! Keep a photocopy of your study plan for your own records.

How do I prepare a study plan?

Your detailed study plan needs to include as many of the following as possible:

  • Overseas subject title
  • Overseas subject code
  • Overseas subject credit value
  • Number of hours per week/ number of weeks per semester
  • Prerequisites
  • Subject descriptions and reading lists.

You are responsible for submitting your study plan to the relevant departmental/discipline contacts for approval. The study plan, once it is approved by the departmental/discipline contacts is then submitted, by you, to your Faculty advisor along with the rest of your application, for final approval.


What should I write in my personal statement/essay?

Outline why you want to go on exchange. You may wish to highlight the benefits to your study. If you have particular cultural interests in the country where you wish to study, mention those. Think about what you can put into the Melbourne Global Mobility exchange program as well as what you hope to get out of it. The essay length should be between 1-2 A4 pages, that is, about 500 words.


When do I find out if my application is successful?

After submitting your application by the due date, you will be sent a letter by your faculty/student centre stating whether your application was successful or unsuccessful.

If successful, that is, if your application has been approved by your faculty to participate in the exchange program, it means that you will be going on exchange overseas; it does not mean that you have been accepted by your first preference. You will be asked at a later date, by our office, to collect an application form for the host institution, along with the Melbourne Global Mobility Student Agreement. You will complete and return these documents to Melbourne Global Mobility. The host institution application will then be sent overseas for consideration by the institution. When the host institution advises us whether or not they are able to accept your application, we will let you know. This process can take quite a number of months, so it's important to be patient!


What happens if I don't get into my first preference?

If you are not given a place with your first preference, we will try to place you with your second or third preferences. This is dependent on the number of available places at each host institution and your ranking with the other exchange applicants.

Tip! Be flexible in your approach when choosing your exchange preferences.


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