Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions: Course information


Can I do the last semester of my degree overseas?

This depends on receiving faculty approval. Some faculties have specific guidelines/rules which you are required to meet to qualify for their degrees. Please check with your Faculty Exchange Advisor.


If I am in first year now can I apply for an exchange next year?

Yes, as long as, if you are an undergraduate student, you have completed at least one year and 75 points at the University of Melbourne at the time of applying for your exchange (submitting your exchange application to your Faculty Exchange Advisor). Keeping in mind closing dates, consult with your Faculty advisor to plan your course structure from first year, to allow for your exchange period later.


Are breadth subjects counted towards my weighted average?



How do I get breadth subjects approved so that I can study them on exchange?

The subjects you want credit for from exchange must be approved by the relevant departmental, sometimes called a discipline, advisor. This means if the subject for which you are seeking credit as breadth is a History subject you must ask for the subject to be assessed and approved by the departmental/discipline advisor in History. This person will be listed on MGM website under Arts Faculty Advisers, since it is an Arts discipline. Once the advisor has approved the subject you then hand it into your home faculty/student centre. As another example, if you are applying for a Commerce exchange, and want to do some biology subjects to count for breadth credit, it is up to you to seek approval from the appropriate person in Biology, a Science discipline. In both cases you do NOT contact the Student Centres of those faculties as they are NOT part of the process for approving your breadth subjects.  

How do I find the subjects offered overseas and how much they are worth?

You can find this information from:

  • Partner institution websites
  • Handbooks - located in our resource room
  • Exchange students here from partner institutions
  • Melbourne Uni exchange students currently overseas

Do I have to enrol in graded subjects overseas?

Yes! All exchange students must enrol in subjects which are awarded a grade, for example, A, B+, or a mark, for example 79% etc. You are not permitted to enrol in Pass/Fail subjects whilst on exchange.


Can I do my Honours overseas?

Yes, however you must check with your faculty as specific regulations apply to doing part of an Honours year on exchange.


How do I know what a normal course load for a semester is?

All exchange students are required to complete the equivalent of a minimum full time load whilst overseas. Select more subjects than is likely to be required and seek approval for those subjects so that you have plenty of choice of what to study at your host institution.


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