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Frequently Asked Questions: Scholarships


How do I apply for a scholarship?

Your application, if approved by your faculty, will automatically be considered for a Melbourne Global Mobility scholarship. You may need to submit a separate application if you want to be considered for other scholarships, including the Scholarship in Language Study.

Please note: If you miss out on a language study scholarship you are still considered for a Melbourne Global Mobility Scholarship.


How much is the scholarship?

The scholarship varies from between $750 to $2000 depending on where you are planning on studying. For further information contact the Melbourne Scholarships Office.


How many scholarships are offered?

The Melbourne Scholarships Office aims to allocate scholarships to every student who is successful in obtaining a place in the Melbourne Global Mobility exchange program. The amount of the scholarship will vary depending on the amount of funding available, where you are going and the length of your exchange period.


Are there other scholarships?

For other suggestions for funding you may wish to:

  • Contact the Melbourne Scholarships Office
  • Browse web pages of host institutions
  • Talk with academic staff or Faculty advisors to see if they know of any funding or scholarships for your particular area of study
  • Contact community groups such as Rotary, to see if you can apply for their scholarships
  • Contact the embassy/consulate of the country you intend to visit to see if they have any funding for international exchange students
  • Think laterally and keep your eyes and ears open for other funds for which you may be eligible. Look carefully at the details of other scholarships as they may make you ineligible to accept the Melbourne Global Mobility scholarship. You may need to decide which scholarship you will accept.

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