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Information for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) students are a valued and vibrant part of the University of Melbourne. They often participate in semester programs abroad, but as a LGBT student there are often more things to consider than other students. Many countries are as accepting (or more) of different sexual and gender identities, but there are many instances where laws, customs and attitudes towards these students will be very different. Seeking information about how your host country, city and institution's attitudes towards this group of students can help you choose an appropriate partner instution, as well prepare you for the differences that you might encounter there....

We have tried to provide information below on social opportunities, academic opportunities, community engagement and support, should it be needed.


Partner Institutions with LGBT Office Links:

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If you know of an institution with a strong LGBT community, please email us!


HEC Montreal - Montreal is known for it's open mindedness and acceptance of LGBT people. Quebec was the first jurisdiction to recognise same sex civil unions, and the city hosts a wide range of LGBT oriented events, as well as having a Gay Village with one of the largest LGBT communities in North America.

McGill University - Queer McGill is the student association, that since 1972 has supported LGBT students on campus. Also located in Montreal, this group is a student service funded by the University, not a student club.

Queen's University - This university runs the Positive Space program, designed to celebrate sexual and gender diversity.

University of British Columbia - PrideUBC is an organisation at the Vancouver institution with the goal of educating and supporting the LGBT community on campus. The institution also runs Queer U, a student academic panel that brings LGBT issues to the general student population.

University of New Brunnswick - UNB has a Sexuality Centre, a student run centre designed to promote understanding and positive attitudes towards queer issues. The Centre provides valuable resources for the LGBT student.

University of Toronto - This insitution has a dedicated Sexual and Gender Diversity Office that through the provision of resources, education and consultation aims to address discrimination against LGBT people. There is a Queer Orientation run by the University.


The article on page 7 of this edition of the Hong Kong University publication Bulletin details life for LGBT people in Hong Kong SAR, and the culture surrounding that sexual identity.


Aarhus University - DiverseCity is a LGBT student organisation run in the city of Aarhus.

University of Copenhagen - BLUS student organisation is a LGBTQ student association that has been running since 1996 and organises social event, film screenings and debates for interested students.


Grenoble Institute of Technology - IPNGayfriendly (In French)


Charles Rupert University Heidelberg - Queer Campus (In German)


Infosem a national collective effort that strives to ensure equality across all aspects of life.


Trinity College Dublin - Trinity LGBT Q Soc is Trinity College's student society that runs event and advocates for LGBT rights. It also has web resources and a societal room.

University College Dublin - UCD LGBT is UCD's student run organisation that provides a relaxed environment for LGBT (and their non-LGBT friends!) to meet each other, and provide support.

The Netherlands

Leiden University - Leidsche Ganymedes Borrel is the organisation that not only brings LGBT staff together, but also hopes to raise the pink community's presence on campus.

University of Amsterdam - UvA Pride is the LGBT organisation at the University of Amsterdam. Site mostly in Dutch.


University of Oslo - Queer Forum is the Student Union group (for all tertiary instiutions in Oslo) which aims to create a safespace for LGBTQ students. Other information about Queer life in Oslo can be found here and here. The National transgender Organisation (in Norwegian) focuses on acceptance for transgender people.


KTH Sweden - Gaytek is the Student Union LGBT club at KTH. It aims to bring members of the community closer through networking and to reduce prejudice towards the community by others through active campaigning.

United Kingdom

Edinburgh College of Art - Blogs is the University's bisexual, gay and inter-sex society, who are there to provide a safe spcae for LGBT students and their friends to be themselves. Along with social events, they provide student support.

Heriot-Watt University - LGBT Youth Scotland and Stonewall are involved in the University community and cover many aspects of LGBT life and support in Scotland.

Imperial College London - Imperial College Union LGBT (IQ) is the student run society at the college that ensures that all LGBT identifying people have the same opporutnities as other students. They also run nights out, LGBT film and history nights.

King's College London - Kings LGBT is the King's College London Student run association that runs campaigns about LGBT issues, facilitates a safe social space for LGBT students and is a source of informmation for LGBT students on campus

Queen Mary, University of London - Queen Mary provides information about issues pertaining to sexual orientation here. There is also a student run LGBT Society that provides advocacy in addition to social opportunities.

Royal Holloway, University of London - LGBT ".. basically one big group of friends who meet up for get togethers, parties, pub crawls, clubbing trips, coffee meetings and nights out at the SU."

University of Birmingham - this university has compiled some resources for LGBT students. There is a student run association at the University too.

University of Bristol - the LGBT Society at the University of Bristol Student Union is an excellent place to start should you be interested in queer life on campus. They aim to socialise and support the LGBT community at the University, as well as to raise awareness of LGBT issues amongst the wider university community.

University of East Anglia - UEA Pride represents LGBT on campus, and it is a peer support group, rather than a 'club' - therefore there is no membership cost. Aside from the normal party style events, the group also runs a queer history month and regular Monday night games.

University of Edinburgh - See the entry on blogs under Edinburgh College of Art.

University of Glasgow - GULGBT provides welfare and social space for LGBT students at the University to get to know each other. There are weekly events and the website is very comprehensive.

University of Manchester - the MULGBT represents LGBT students on campus. They run social events and lobby for LGBT students' rights. You don't need to join them to attend their events!

University of Nottingham - the LGBT Network at the University of Nottingham provides support and information, campaigns on issues affecting LGBT students and social events to help socialise the LGBT community. Being a network under the student union, they attract student union funding and therefore no membership fee is required.

United States of America

Boston College - Resources for LGBT Students and Alumni is a page run by Boston College that provides advice on everything from employment for LGBT students to peer support in the workplace. Allies is a community on campus which is an alliance of straight and LGBTQ students aiming to create an inclusive University for all students.

Caifornia State Polytechnic - The Pride Center at Calpoly is one of the three cultural centres at the Student Life and Leadership department. It not only promotes, educates and celebrates queer life on campus, but provides specialised programing, such as the PRISMS peer mentoring and support netowrk for LGBT students.

Carnegie Mellon University - the Student Life Office at Carnegie Mellon runs an LGBTQ Resources designed to support the LGBTQ community on campus and also raise awareness of the issues these students face. They run various initiatives such as gender neutral housing and they support ALLIES the student organisation which serves as the social club for LGBTQ students (and their friends).

Cornell University - Cornell have a specific resource for international students accessible here. The main rsource for LGBT students on campus at Cornell is the LGBT Resource Center. This Center was established in 1994, and runs events, provides resources and advocacy.

Georgetown University - the LGBTQ Resource Center at Georgetown gives support, and a voice to the LGBTQ community. They aim to create a more inclusive and welcoming campus for all. The student organisation at Georgetown is GU Pride which organise events and activities for the Georgetown community.

George Washington University - LGBT GW is the news sources for LGBT events on the GW campuses, as well as information about the academic LGBTQ classes offered by the university. They also run events and have peer mentoring programs.

Haverford College - the Sexuality and Gender Alliance is a student organisation that meets weekly to discuss issues relevant to LGBT students. Aside from being a peer support network, they organise social events at Haverford and the wider Philadelphia area.

NYU, Stern School of Business - students run Out Class a student organisation founded in 1993 to serve as a professional, education and social forum for LGBT students and staff at Stern.

.Pennsylvania State University - Pennstate has the LGBTA Student Resource Center, a University run center with various programs, education, inforamtion and advocacy services.

Rutgers University - RU Pride is a safe and nurturing place for students to make connections and form community. They get involved in events as well as education and advocacy.

University of California:

Each University of California campus runs a similar Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource centre offering a variety of services:

Berkeley - LGBT Resource Centre. Student Groups

Davis - LGBT Resource Centre; Student Groups

Irvine - LGBT Resource Centre; Student Groups

Los Angeles - LGBT Resource Centre; Student Groups

Riverside - LGBT Resource Centre; Student Groups

San Diego - LGBT Resource Centre; Student Groups

Santa Barbara - Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity; Student Groups

Santa Cruz - The Lionel Cantu Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Intersex Resource Center; Student Groups

University of Connecticut - the Rainbow Center at UConn is a family like environment that provides resources and services to the LGBT community. They have a wide range of activities, including an alternate Spring Break trip.

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center at UIUC is on a mission to foster an open, safe and inclusive environment for people of all gender identities. There are also several student run organisations on the campus.

University of Michigan - SpectrumCenter at Michigan aims to enrich the Ann Arbor campus by creating an inclusive campus free of discrimination. They provide resources and programs, and there are student groups you can join to meet others.

University of Minnesota - under the Office for Equity and Diversity, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally Programs Office aims to improve the campus climate for LGBT students by developing and supporting more inclusive understandings of gender and sexuality. The Queer Student Cultural Center is the on campus, student operated meeting place.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Center! at UNCCH supports and educates on campus. They provide peer education, social groups and resources for students. There are some student organisations you can join too!

University of Pennsylvania - LGBT Center at UPenn is the social and political hub for the queer community on campus and have been serving the Penn community for over 25 years. There are also many student run organisations at Penn.

University of Southern California - the LGBT Resource Center is Student affairs department at USC that runs academic, educational, social and advocacy services for the campus community. The website has a broad range of materials, and there are a number of student run organisations.

University of Texas at Austin - the Gender and Sexuality Center at the University of Texas at Austin is the on campus department responsible for the outreach and advocacy of the LGBT community.

University of Virginia - The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center at the University of Virgina raises awareness and aims to include sexual and gender minorities in the university community. The office runs events and provide resources for the community - which is comprised of some student organisations.

University of Washington - the Q Center at the University of Washington provides resouvrces and services to the LGBT community on campus.

Vanderbilt University - The Office of Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Life at Vanderbilt serves all members of the university community, providing resources and communities to those in need. There are also a number of LGBT student organisations, normally specific to the school of enrolment at Vanderbilt.

Washington University, St Louis - the LGBT Student Involvement and Leadership sectoin aims to create a welcoming and supportive environment on the St Louis campus. They run events, as do the numerous student run organisations.

Know of a resource at a university not posted above? Let us know!

Resources for LGBT students

NAFSA Rainbow SIG: Student Resources: The North American based Association of International Educators has a "Rainbow" Special Interest Group. This website contains a vast array of resources available for LGBT students wishing to study overseas. It is primarily geared towards US students, but it is useful for outgoing students and those wishing to study in the USA.

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission: This organisation is devoted to human rights advocacy on behalf of people who are decriminated on the basis of their sexual identity or gender orientation. It contains a handy "Information by Country" section which is very useful to investigate any issues surrounding LGBT rights in the country/region you are looking into for your study abroad period.

ILGA - International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexu, Transexual and Intersex Association: This website is similar to the one above, except you can browse per country about the News, Law, Mood and Movement of LGBT activity within that country. This is a travel resource which is a directory of links to a wide range of LGBT orientated or friendly services or businesses around the world. Almost 10,000 websites are listed worldwide.

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