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Information for Mature Age Students

Studying overseas is a very exciting prospect for most students, and a prospect that is available for all cohorts at the University of Melbourne. The University of Melbourne defines mature age students as those students over the age of 25, but many regions around the world may have a different definition. The terminology changes to "Adult Learner" in the USA or "Mature Learner" in the UK. The average age of students can also vary from country to country and institution to institution. Mature age students are very welcome to study at most of our exchange partners, but should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Does the accommodation offered by the host institution suit my needs? Will I be housed with much younger students? If so, am I comfortable with this? Are there other options available for me? Please note that some of our partners require students to live on campus or even have age limits on those who can study on exchange at their institution. This should be investigated before submission of your application to Melbourne Global Mobility.
  • Most of our partners have a large array of social clubs available to students on campus. If you are uncomfortable with socialising with much younger students, does the host institution provide adequate social clubs and events for students of your age?
  • Many of our partners are located in University towns, where the University is the main feature and purpose of the town. As a result, many of these locations have a much younger average age. You are encouraged, therefore, to investigate not only the institution but also the town in which it is located.
  • Does the host institution cater for specific requirements you have? For example if you wish to take your partner or child/children, can they help with the visa arrangements? If you are bringing children, can the host institution help with caring arrangements or schooling?
  • Many mature age students study part time while at the University of Melbourne, but studying in the exchange program means doing the equivalent of at least 37.5 Melbourne points. Are you adequately prepared for this level of workload?
  • If you take advantage of student services here at the University of Melbourne, could you do without them abroad?
  • Sometimes, the student visa in certain countries do not allow paid work while overseas. If you have a mortgage or other financial obligations, can you afford a period overseas without working?

Academic Skills at the University of Melbourne has a top ten tips resource for Mature aged students which apply quite well to overseas study.

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