Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne


Students are advised to contact the appropriate consular offices of their host country once they have been nominated to a partner institution to discover whether a student visa will be required prior to departure. See the helpful links and addresses page, for appropriate consular links.

In most cases, you will need to apply for your visa while still in Melbourne. In all cases where a visa is required, you will need the acceptance documents of the host institution before you can apply.

NOTE: Visas are not the responsibility of Melbourne Global Mobility.


International students and Australian visas

If you are an international student and currently hold an Australian student visa, you must ensure the validity period of your Australian visa covers the exchange period or you may find it difficult to re-enter Australia upon completion of your exchange studies. We will provide a letter verifying the host institution semester dates and your status as an exchange student. We will advise the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) that you will be away from the country on exchange. Please note that you are still subject to the visa condition 8202, that is, you must satisfy course requirements, while you are on the exchange program.

Travel Tip: take a copy of your itinerary, passport, study plan, credit cards, travel insurance documents, important phone numbers and keep them seperate from the originals as well as giving a copy to someone at home in case of loss or theft. It might also be worthwhile having certified copies of your birth certificate and additional passport-size photos.