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University of Melbourne Overseas Subjects (UMOS)


If the course in which you are enrolled makes it difficult to find a suitable semester to study overseas because of course planning issues or the requirements of your major, or if you are simply not sure about undertaking a semester abroad, the University of Melbourne has an increasing number of single subjects available in different faculties which are partly or wholly taught overseas. You could be eligible to undertake one or more of these UMOS as part of a major, or often as breadth across most degrees.

What and When?

Subjects vary across disciplines and are offered at both undergraduate and graduate level, and can run during semester breaks, at the end of the formal examination period or during the summer and winter breaks. Examples include International Travelling Studios for Architecture, Building and Planning students in Chile, studying art history in Italy, undertaking a global business practicum in Thailand, or participating in a World Trade Organisation Moot Court Competition in Switzerland just to name a few.

Univeristy of Melbourne overseas subjects*, with links to the descriptions in the Handbook.

How to Apply

Read the Handbook entry carefully and follow any links to subject-specific websites, where available, and follow instructions on those pages. Some of these programs have highly competitive entry requirements, along with special timelines and processes.

If you are accepted into the UMOS of your choice, you must register your participation in this subject.

Register for UMOS online

This will inform Melbourne Global Mobility of your participation thereby and you will automatically be considered for any relevant funding.


*NOTE: This list is accurate as of December 2013, as the University is continuously reviewing programs and creating new ones it is best to contact your Student Centre/Graduate School/Faculty about additional opportunities.