Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Work and internship opportunities

A small number of opportunities exist for students to undertake internships/externships or some sort of work experience placement abroad to meet a hurdle requirement or for credit to a University of Melbourne degree. As work experience and internships are not a always formally recognised in courses at the University, many of the opportunities that exist will not carry credit or be counted as meeting hurdle requirements but do provide a valuable experience by undertaking formal training in an international context.


Where the internship or placement is recognised formally as part of your course, either for credit or as a hurdle requirement, after you have enrolled in the relevant subject fill out the Online Mobility Registration and Travel Grant Application. This will inform Melbourne Global Mobility of your participation in the program and you will automatically be considered for funding.


2018 Uni Capitol Washington Internship Programme

The 2018 Uni Capitol Washington Internship (UCWIP) programme is open to students who are eligible to undertake one of three internships run by the School of Social and Political Sciences, i.e. Public Affairs Internship, Executive Internship or International Relations Internship. It is also open to Juris Doctor students who are eligible to undertake the Legal Internship.

Internships are approximately 8 weeks in length with UCWIP seeking to match 12-14 students from 10 participating universities across Australia with Congressional offices in Washington DC. Applications are made to Melbourne Global Mobility and assessed by faculty before being sent to the UCWIP Director for review. The 2018 internships will run from Tuesday, 2nd January through to Friday, 2nd March.

The 2018 primer and application documents are below.

UCWIP 2018 primer (PDF 2.80MB), UCWIP 2018 Application (DOCX 57KB), Law Information Sheet (DOCX 36KB), Politics Information Sheet (DOCX 44KB)