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Universitas 21 Social Entrepreneur Corps

What: An opportunity for students to take part in a month-long programme in Guatemala, working with social entrepreneurs to help establish new new and growing businesses.

Where: Guatemala

When: 26 May - 21 June (online study) & 22 June - 18 July 2014 (practical component in Guatemala)

Nomination: The University of Melbourne will nominate up to five students to participate in this program run by the University of Connecticut. Nomination by the University of Melbourne does not guarantee a place in this program, the final selection will be made by the University of Connecticut and Universitas 21. For more information please visit

Important: Due to the fact that the practical component of this trip commences prior to the end of the exam period at the University of Melbourne. Only students who do not have exams for any subjects in semester 1, 2014 will be nominated for this program.

2012 Feedback

"I just wanted to give you the great news that this past weekend the U21 students participated in our MOST successful village campaign since we started our work almost ten years ago. They supported a number of women entrepreneurs in the Jutiapa region and in one day served over 150 people and helped the women to sell 69 pairs of glasses, 35 eye drops, 30 packets of vegetable seeds, 8 solar lamps/cell phone chargers and one water purification bucket. Truly amazing! That amounts to hundreds of beneficiaries served in one day when you take into account the
impact that these solutions have on families. And the women entrepreneurs earned nearly $240 in net profits. That is equal to over two months' wages for the average rural Guatemalan."
- Greg van Kirk, co-founder of the Social Entrepreneur Corps

"…what made the trip truly memorable was the people who I worked with, lived with, and interacted with; the experience of living with Guatemalan families further enriched our understanding of the culture and the Guatemalan people." - 2012 U21 Social Entrepreneur Corps in Guatemala student participant

"… because of the SEC I was able to experience a lot of personal growth, enhance my perspectives of life, and gain a better understanding of how to make a difference in the world." - 2012 U21 Social Entrepreneur Corps in Guatemala student participant

"… participating in these projects has provided me with an opportunity to learn first-hand about working in a globalised world. Gaining an appreciation of the complex factors underlying different cultural perspectives has illustrated to me how important it is that economic analysis is highly contextualised, and has given me insight as to how this might be achieved." - 2012 U21 Social Entrepreneur Corps in Guatemala student participant

Cost: This is a fee-paying study abroad program and students will be responsible for all associated expenses. Students receiving credit for at least 12.5 points towards their degree or a diploma may receive a Melbourne Global Grant of $2,500.

  • $2900 USD – University of Connecticut Program Fee
  • $3000 AUD (approximately) – Airfare
  • Health & Travel insurance – you will be covered by the University of Melbourne’s travel insurance policy for the duration of the program.
  • US visa costs and processing times dependent on students' citizenship

How to apply: Student must apply to the U21 International Programs Coordinator before 5pm on the 22nd February 2013 in order to be nominated to participate in this program. The written application must adress three key selection key questions:

What is your motivation for applying to participate in this program?

Demonstrate a proven interest in International Development work (give examples of previous work, volunteer or study experiences).

Describe you experience in working with individuals of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Total wordcount must not exceed 1200 words.

Additional documentation: A copy of your most recent academic transcript and a current resume.

Eligibility: Students must be undergraduate students who have completed at lease 100 points of study at the University of Melboune and have an academic average of at least H2A (75%).

Please email applications to:

Successful applicants will be selected by a panel of academic and professional staff based on the quality of their written application and academic history. Please note that selection is highly competitive and the selection committee's decision is final.

Updated 3/1/2013