Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

While overseas

The following pages are designed to assist students who are currently on exchange through the Melbourne Global Mobility Exchange Program. The pages contain valuable information to help students make the most of their exchange and it is recommended that you read through them carefully.

Though the focus of these pages is on successfully fulfilling the administrative requirements of an exchange, please also take note of the Australian links page, where you will find useful links to Australian websites.


Subject changes Altering your time overseas
It is common to find, once you have arrived at a host institution, that you have to get new subjects approved. To find out what to do, look at the subject changes webpage. Should you decide while overseas that you would like to alter the length of your exchange, for instructions on what to do look at the altering your time overseas webpage.
Re-enrolment and course planning while overseas Experiencing problems?
Remember that you must still re-enrol and course plan while you are on exchange. How? For more information look at the re-enroling while overseas webpage. If you are having difficulties on exchange please look at the experiencing problems? webpage
Providing your overseas contact details Academic Conduct Report for Law Students
Once settled overseas it is important that you notify Melbourne Global Mobility, and others, of your contact address. View the providing overseas contact details webpage for how to do this. If you are studying law at the University of Melbourne and want to be admitted to the legal profession in Victoria, you need to furnish an Academic Conduct Report, including from your exchange, even if you weren't studying law on exchange.