Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Altering your time overseas


Extending your time overseas

If you are on exchange for a semester and want to extend your exchange to a year, you must contact Melbourne Global Mobility as soon as possible. Note that it is not usually possible to extend an exchange beyond one academic year.

To extend your time on exchange, follow these steps:

  1. write to Melbourne Global Mobility and ask if it will be possible for you to extend your time at the partner institution (or on rare occasions students have requested permission to extend their time but at a different partner institution) on exchange;
  2. if the answer is 'yes', then write to your Faculty adviser and ask for permission to stay for an additional semester (they will consider the points you have remaining to complete your degree and any other course restrictions there may be);
  3. if that answer is also 'yes', you will need to get subject approvals and changes to cover the additional period of exchange, remember to ask the people approving the subjects to include the Faculty advisor and Melbourne Global Mobility in their responses; then
  4. once all your approvals have been received, Melbourne Global Mobility will write to your host institution formally requesting that you be allowed to extend your exchange.

Remember to keep copies of all correspondence for future reference.

Note: all prospective exchange students are advised, when first applying to join the Program, to apply for a year-long exchange if they are undecided or have no reason to limit their time to a semester. It is much easier to reduce an exchange than it is to extend one.


Reducing your time overseas

If you wish to reduce your exchange from a year (two semesters) to one semester, you must contact Melbourne Global Mobility as soon as possible. Once acknowledged, confirm this reduction with your faculty(s). As a matter of courtesy, it is also important to notify your host institution directly of your decision.

Note: a reduction in your exchange length may have implications for your credit transfer if any overseas subjects are year-long or assessed overseas after you plan to return.