Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Re-enrolling while overseas

This page is designed for students currently on exchange (and applies equally to students on semester-long study abroad). If you are about to go on exchange, please go to the re-enrolment for outgoing students webpage.


Re-enrolment for 2018

If you are about to undertake exchange or study abroad studies, you need to re-enrol for 2018 at the University of Melbourne (UoM)  by Friday 8 December, 2017 (midnight).

For information about how to re-enrol at the University of Melbourne:

  • Visit the re-enrolment web page.  It outlines the re-enrolment steps, how to obtain assistance, the key dates (including the dates from which late fees apply and enrolments are cancelled), how and when to obtain invoices, etc.  AND
  • Refer also to the notes in the table below.

You may also need to enrol at the host institution.

Failure to re-enrol will mean that your enrolment at the University of Melbourne will be cancelled along with your exchange or study abroad studies. International students studying here on an Australian student visa whose enrolment is cancelled resulting from failure to re-enrol, will also face the risk of their Australian visa being cancelled.

You must make sure that your contact details are up to date and you check your University email account at least once a week, during this period.


Who should re-enrol?

Your exchange or study abroad situation How to re-enrol at the UoM for 2018
You will complete your University of Melbourne course while on exchange or study abroad in 2017

You do not need to re-enrol at the University of Melbourne in 2018.

Once we receive your transcript from your host institution, credit will be applied to your UoM course. The Stop 1 Team will contact you if it emerges you need to undertake additional studies to complete your course.

You will be returning to Melbourne to study from the start of 2018

Complete the re-enrolment steps outlined on the re-enrolment website by 8 December 2017.

If you are meeting UoM subject prerequisites overseas, you will need to submit an Enrolment Variation (EV) form for the prerequisite/s to be waived. Submit with your EV request proof of completion of the overseas subject. If you have not yet completed the prerequisite subject/s, please re-enrol in alternative subject/s until you are able provide the information outlined above.

You have approval to continue your exchange or study abroad studies in 2018

(E.G. you will be on exchange until the end of  Semester 1, 2018)

By 8 December 2017 visit the re-enrolment website and:

  • Accept the 2018 Enrolment Declaration
  • For your exchange or study abroad studies, make sure the Stop 1 Team have added placeholder subjects to your study plan, if not, contact them immediately and ask that they do so.
  • Complete your UoM 2018 re-enrolment by either enrolling in UoM subjects for semester two or apply for leave of absence for semester two unless you finish your course at the end of semester one.
You are hoping to extend your exchange or study abroad studies into 2018
  • Exchange students must contact MGM immediately to request permission to do this.
  • Study Abroad students contact the Stop 1 Team ASAP to apply for an extension. Extensions require approval.
  • While awaiting the outcome of your application to extend your time overseas, by 8 December 2017 complete the steps listed on the re-enrolment website.
  • If your application to extend your exchange or study abroad studies is approved, the Stop 1 Team will contact you to advise how to change your 2018 UoM enrolment.
You plan to take a break from your University of Melbourne studies in 2018 (E.G. to travel) You need to re-enrol by the 8 December 2017 due date. As part of this, apply for Leave of Absence for the period when you won’t be studying.


Paying Your Fees

After 8 December, you should download an invoice from the my.unimelb. Your invoice can be paid from anywhere in the world. A late fee will apply to all mandatory fees that aren't received in full by the due date. If you are having difficulties paying your fees on time, do NOT ignore the problem, submit a Fee Extension Application to negotiate an extension for the payment of the fees.