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University of Johannesburg Social Entrepreneurship Programme

Dates: Thursday 29 December, 2016 - Sunday 15 January, 2017
Venue: University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Registration fee: 5000 RMB
Places Available: There are a maximum of three places available on the Social Entrepreneurship Programme at the University of Johannesburg. All three will be funded by the University of Melbourne, meaning no programme fee is required by the three nominated students. **Costs do not include airfares; interested students are responsible for funding their associated travel to get to their host university.


The Social Entrepreneurship for International Students programme provides an opportunity for international students to experience South Africa, the city of Johannesburg and the University of Johannesburg’s campus life within the exciting field social entrepreneurship. The programme includes the ultimate hands-on work experience within established social enterprises in the underprivileged areas in and around Johannesburg. Students influencing the way these businesses are managed. This programme can best be described as an experience in change-making. In the three weeks, students’ perceptions and lives will be transformed due to being exposed to the realities of a developing country, whilst operating in a safe and educational environment.

The Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Economy’s (CSESE) developmental approach is a unique methodology within which skills are transferred to the student to adequately prepare them to engage in developmental work. Students will experience South Africa, its history, its wealth but also its poverty in full. The knowledge and skills they acquire will stand you in good stead to assist social enterprises in SA and also build relationships that may last for years to come. Step into the unknown and broaden your vision and skills through this powerful programme.

What to expect

-A warm welcome and complete orientation on life in South Africa, and how to make the best of your visit and learning experience
-Get to know and experience South African history, politics and economy
-See the beauty of Greater Johannesburg, the amazing life in its townships and visits to historical landmarks such as the cradle of humankind in and around Johannesburg
-Experience campus life at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), its rich history and the impact it has on the surrounding communities
-An introduction to asset-based community development and design thinking
-The history and the impact of the social economy, in particular social entrepreneurship in South Africa
-Meet Ashoka fellows and some of the best social enterprises in the world
-Understand social entrepreneurship in South Africa
-Learn the needs of social enterprises working with vulnerable people in historically disadvantaged areas
-Become a residential social entrepreneur and a change-maker for social enterprise
-Accommodation, selected meals, transport and appropriate and guided weekend outings are included

How much credit can be earned?

This programme is not for credit. If you wish to apply for credit approval for the study undertaken. Please speak to the Course Planning Team at Stop 1. 


How to apply? Apply to Melbourne Global Mobility (MGM) following the below instructions as you must be nominated by MGM to participate in the program. Do NOT apply directly to the University of Johannesburg.  You must meet the usual eligibility criteria to participate in this program.  

Application instructions

Students must apply to Melbourne Global Mobility by 10.00am on Monday, 24 October 2016.

The written application must adress four key selection key questions:

1. Career goals 
How will this opportunity develop your future career? (100-200 words)

2. Ambassadorship  
How would you use this opportunity to promote U21 programs to other University of Melbourne students? (100-200 words)
Please be specific in the types of activities you would undertake in this endeavor (E.G. information session or video blog)

3. Community involvement
Provide examples of demonstrated leadership in the community which could include volunteer and non-for-profit roles and/or activities you have undertaken in your local community, nationally, overseas and/or in your university (100-200 words)

4. Academic Reference 
Please provide the name and email address of one academic referee. There is no need to obtain a written reference at this point of the application.

Additional documentation: A copy of your most recent academic transcript, CV, and passport.

A white drop box is located at Stop 1 on the corner of Swanston and Grattan Street.  Please collate all of the documents, place in a plastic pocket available at the box and submit them to Stop 1 by 10am on MONDAY 24 OCTOBER 2016.  **DO NOT SEND/EMAIL ANYTHING DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOST UNIVERSITY**