Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Programs: Defining your options

Melbourne Global Mobility provides support to students interested in studying overseas for credit towards their University of Melbourne degree. There are two main ways to study overseas as part of your Melbourne degree, as an Exchange student or as a Study Abroad student. On either program you may receive credit or fulfil degree requirements.


Exchange students remain enrolled at the University of Melbourne and are also enrolled into a host institution overseas. They continue to pay their tuition fees to the University of Melbourne and do not pay any tuition fees to their host university. They are nominated by Melbourne Global Mobility and receive assistance to arrange their study overseas. For more information go to the apply for Exchange webpage.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad students are enrolled in generic placeholder subjects, with the prefix 'STDY', in their University of Melbourne degree and then enrol directly into a host institution overseas. These placeholder subjects do not generate any tution fees at the University of Melbourne, but instead students must pay whatever fees are asked of them as an international student at their host institution. Students are responsible for arranging a study abroad program themselves. 

UM Overseas Subjects

If the course you are enrolled in makes it difficult to find an available semester to undertake an international experience for a full semester due to course planning issues or requirements of your major, or if you are simply not sure about undertaking a full semester abroad, the University of Melbourne has an increasing number of single subjects available through numerous faculties that have an international component that you may be eligible to undertake as part of your degree studies. For more information, got to the UM Overseas Subjects page

Short-term Mobility

Not all mobility is for a semester of study overseas. Increasingly students are opting for shorter-term arrangements perhaps as a taster to see how they like studying abroad, because they have other commitments which mean they can't be away for a semester or longer or their finances are limited. These opportunites can be done through exchange or study abroad and usually last anywhere from two to six weeks. For more information, go to the Short-term Programs page.

Work Experience & Internships

A small number of opportunities exist for students to undertake internships/externships or some sort of work experience placement abroad to meet a hurdle requirement or for credit to a University of Melbourne degree. As work experience and internships are not a always formally recognised in courses at the University, many of the opportunities that exist will not carry credit or be counted as meeting hurdle requirements but do provide a valuable experience by undertaking formal training in an international context. For more information, go to the Work Experience and Internship page.